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Rociana Del Condado (Huelva)

It is an installation of floating photovoltaic panels mounted on a floating system called a pontoon that has numerous advantages over the installation on land.

The flotation system is the Isifloating patent, a flotation system specially designed for use in irrigation ponds, reservoirs and hydroelectric plants.

These floating systems are made up of a structure and a float that allows the installation of the photovoltaic module. They have a mooring system that prevents the free movement of the structure on the water and provide numerous advantages.

The main advantage is saving space on land. It avoids the need to acquire land or dispose of it for these facilities when it can be used for cultivation and other more productive purposes.

These floating systems cover a large part of the water surface, thus largely preventing evaporation and therefore water loss.

Photovoltaic panels have higher performance by lowering the operating temperature reduced by the natural cooling of the water.

The accumulation of dust deposited on the photovoltaic plates is also reduced, which translates into an increase in energy production.

By not using foundations or fixed anchors they are easier to implement and manage.