Medium voltage

Energy services for large companies and institutions

Do you need to install a medium voltage line?

Simatec has qualified and approved professionals to install and maintain medium voltage lines

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At Simatec, with more than 22 years of experience in the sector, we take care of both the installation of equipment and its maintenance on medium voltage lines.

Likewise, we carry out turnkey electrical work and projects, low-voltage installations, transformation centers, metering equipment, installation and start-up of photovoltaic parks, 24-hour breakdown service and everything related to electrical systems and installations in general.



SIMATEC count with more than 22
years of experience in the sector


SIMATEC, being a company
approved, guarantees quality in
all its projects


Offered by experience
of a consolidated company
in the sector

We are specialists in the installation of medium voltage equipment

Facilities with the latest technologies and specialized personnel

At Simatec we have the best and most advanced tools and personnel to carry out our work and we have means such as network analyzers, line and fault locators in electrical conductors, medium and low voltage work teams.

transformation centers

Medium and low voltage lines

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Transformation Centers

As specialists in medium voltage, SIMATEC has the necessary certifications and approvals
to carry out the installation and commissioning of medium and low voltage transformation centers.

Medium and low voltage lines

At SIMATEC we carry out the execution of all our industrial projects
offering high quality standards and under strict compliance with regulations.

Your project in the hands of professionals

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Projects developed by SIMATEC in this field

These are some samples of outstanding projects carried out by Simatec in the field of medium voltage

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