Charging points

Sustainable energy

Power for your vehicle

Electric cars are a priority to combat climate change and have been established as such on all political agendas, so we will all have to adapt to this type of energy. For this we will need electric charging points in the city and on private properties.

Design and installation of charging points

At Simatec we carry out the design of the charging point and take care of the entire process. From establishing the necessary infrastructure, choosing the strategic place for its placement and the installation and start-up of all the systems.


Simatec está homologada con los más altos estándares de calidad


Ejecutamos, legalizamos y
asesoramos todas nuestras
instalaciones de carga lenta y ultra rápida


Nuestros 5 años de experiencia
avanalan nuestras instalaciones
realizadas por todo el territorio

Self-consumption experience

Our 5 years of experience guarantee our facilities carried out throughout the national territory

Simatec, as a company specialized in recharging points, carries out the execution and legalization of slow and ultra-fast charging facilities, offering all our clients the necessary advice and maintenance for their correct use.


Community of neighbors

Single Family Home

Do you need a system for charging points?

Switch to sustainable energy. Install a charging point!


Can I put a charging point in my company?

Simatec helps you improve the mobility conditions of your company’s fleet. We will jointly study the internal mobility project and we will be by your side to start it up.

We can install charging points at:


  • Companies
  • Offices
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Public buildings
  • Sports centers and shopping malls
  • Car Dealers and workshops
  • Gas Stations

Community of neighbors

Do you live in a building with a community garage?


If you live in a community of neighbors, it can also be done.
You can put your particular charging point, but we have to
Analyze the electrical installation to advise you with full guarantee.

We will study the following points:

  • Connect your charging point to the meter in your home.
  • Install a new community meter for the community garage.

Single Family House

Are you looking for independence and need to install
a charging point at home or in the garage?


You will be able to charge your car when you rest or you are not at home, on a daily basis.
It’s as simple as linking the meter in your home to the charging point.

Will you let us help you?

Contact SIMATEC and one of our advisors will be happy to assist you and answer your questions